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Do you have a small budget but still want to send love? The Care Card mini is just for you! Send a handwritten card, a fun sticker, and (of course) a donation to an amazing nonprofit. Care Cards include:

    • Card from Whitton and White
    • Fun sticker from Shavspaper or Care Crates 

All Care Cards are sent through the United States Postal Service and will arrive approximately 4-7 days after you place your order. 

For every Care Card purchased Care Crates donates $2.00 to The Brave House, a nonprofit providing free legal support and holistic services to young immigrant women living in New York City. We encourage you to help us make a bigger impact by purchasing an add-on donation card below. Each gift box will include a small card stating: (the total donation amount) has been donated to the (nonprofit organization) on behalf of the recipient.