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Whether someone is graduating from high school or medical school, it is a big accomplishment! Particularly after a crazy Senior year full of cancelled classes and events, sending a Gradu-crate For Her shows that you care and you recognize her hard work. This cute yellow box includes:

    • Stylish gold chain necklace (packaged in a cute box!) 
    • Cute book notepad OR pocket notebooks (2) from Rifle Paper Co. 
    • Slim Bobino pen in Emerald
    • Yummy treat!
    • Card from Rifle Paper Co, Graphic Anthology, or Whitton and White 

For each Gradu-crate purchased, Care Crates donates $2.00 to Empower Playgrounds, a nonprofit that enhances educational opportunities for children in rural Ghana through providing light and learning in innovative ways. We encourage you to help us make a bigger impact by purchasing an add-on donation card below. Each gift box will include a small card stating: (the total donation amount) has been donated to the (nonprofit organization) on behalf of the recipient.