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Care Crates and The White Dress Project have collaborated to create The Fibroid Warrior Box! This special care package is catered to women managing life with uterine fibroids. For many women, fibroids can cause heavy bleeding, fatigue, difficulty with conception, anemia, and back pain! The box is filled with encouragement and love; and includes:

    • Relaxing candle from Karmalit in Wanderlust scent (sage, lavender, amber)
    • You Got This! small canvas bag, which can be used as a cute "period pouch" for pads, tampons, medicine, or other personal items, from Care Crates
    • Set of two pocket notebooks in Luisa print (blue, blush, cream, and golden floral and cream with gold dots) from Rifle Paper Co.
    • You Got This! tin of mints from Care Crates
    • Travel pack of 2 liners and 1 pad from The Honey Pot Company, the first plant-based feminine care system on the market
    • Scented disposal bags for pads and/or tampons from Scentsibles
    • Card from Graphic Anthology or Care Crates

For every box purchased Care Crates will donate $10.00 to the White Dress Project, a nonprofit providing support, education, and hope for women living with uterine fibroids. We encourage you to help us make a bigger impact by purchasing an add-on donation card below. Each gift box will include a small card stating: (the total donation amount) has been donated to the (nonprofit organization) on behalf of the recipient.